About Us

About the Conservation Legacy Programs 

Public and tribal land and water management agencies and community leaders across America are increasingly looking to conservation service programs to meet their needs. Conservation Legacy has grown rapidly over the past nine years, expanding from a single office in Southwest Colorado serving less than 100 people to five offices in four states serving more than 700 people per year. Each year Conservation Legacy receives additional requests for its services and now places members in more than 33 states.

About US

 Conservation Legacy is a purposeful and strategic organization that operates a national cadre of corps and service programs that:

Preparing an American workforce. Conservation Legacy provides service, training, education and employment opportunities for community members, including low-income and disadvantaged youth and veterans. Each of its programs targets a diversity of participants, reflective of their community, to engage as participants. 

Preserve, protect, and promote each community’s greatest gifts. Conservation Legacy protects, restores and enhances public and tribal lands and waters as well as natural, cultural, and historical resources and treasures that meet locally identified needs.

Build America’s future. Conservation Legacy helps develop a generation of skilled workers, educated and active citizens, future leaders, and stewards of natural and cultural resources and communities.